Have you ever met with a prospect and they showed interest, but you didn’t follow up?  If your answer is “Yes”, you’re not alone – it has happened to many Network Marketers. Oftentimes, the lack of follow up is because the prospect didn’t say “Yes” right away and it was discouraging.  However, not having a follow up system in place is one of the easiest ways to go nowhere fast!

Most Network Marketing experts agree that it can often take between 5 to 7 touches to properly sign up a prospect. Think about it for a moment, do you often sign up or purchase things when you’re first exposed to them?  Most people would say no, so you can’t always expect your prospect to say yes on the first exposure.

One of the most important things you must understand when communicating with anyone about your business opportunity is that follow up is completely your responsibility and you must do it until a result is achieved.

Below are 5 principles of follow up that can help you to take your business to the top:

1) Connect & Qualify

Upon your first connection it will be very important to learn as much as you can about your prospect.  Ask qualifying questions that will help you in closing your prospect. Your company should have a list of questions for you to use.

2) Educate

Make sure you first share your story in a passionate way.  Tell your prospect how you got involved, the pain or need it fulfilled, income potential, edify your upline or share a story about one of your team members who has something in common with your prospect.  Next, share the service or product information. Remember, you should stick with the recommended script or flow recommended by your upline.

3) Expose

Email a link of your company video, share testimonials or results your customers or team members are having, invite your prospect to a Private Business Reception or to a weekly meeting.

4) Follow Up

It will be important to not allow a lot of time to lapse between exposures.  It can often do more harm than good to let weeks or months pass by. Too much time in between exposures means you could be doing the work and another person in your same business could meet the same prospect and easily sign them up and you don’t want that to happen – not after all of that hard work!

So, make sure you schedule the exposures close together.  Again, remember to make use of 3-way calls with your upline, testimonials, email videos, email PDF handouts and most importantly, ask them the most important question which is: “What would it take for you to be part of my team?”

5) Follow Through

Follow through means to simply continue the exposure until you get a result.  If your prospect says “No”, you must remember that it means “no, not right now”.  This is why you should not stop communicating.

Consider creating a lifestyle email that you send out to your connections weekly.  This email update can include short blurbs of your company information, new testimonials, links to videos or interesting articles and even recipes, time management information, budgeting etc.  The most important thing is to stay connected.

Using the above principles can help you with structuring your follow up system and give you many ah-ha moments as you sign up new members to your team.