While the Holiday Season is a time to enjoy family and friends, it’s important to keep moving forward and not stop your daily business administrative routine. Your team will still depend on you for timely announcements, meeting schedules and celebration of promotions.

The key is to plan ahead and automate as much of your workflow as possible to ensure continuous movement. This not only serves as an example to your team, but it will help you to start 2018 strong as well.

Below are 5 Ways to to Say on Track:

  1. Practice your 5-5-5 Formula.  Keep connecting with people as you go out and about your day. Make sure you have your tools and resources ready to go.
  2. Follow up and Follow Through!   It’s very easy to expose the information and not follow through. Make sure that you have sent links and information that you promised to prospects. Just because it’s the holidays, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow up with what you said you would do.
  3. Make sure you’re doing your Private Business Receptions (PBR).  Schedule a  1-on-1 presentation,  team brunch, or luncheon or evening event.  Consider blending your event with a brief presentation/training and holiday party.
  4. Send holiday product tips to your customers via email or you can print out on holiday stationery and send via US mail for that extra special touch.
  5. Stay up-to-date with current events.  It’s common for lay-offs to happen during the holiday season, because it’s the year-end for many corporations. You never know what prospect that said “no” is now searching for an opportunity.

For more information, connect with your leader or upline.